When David James popped by an art opening/ party I was throwing last Spring, I promptly offered-up a smoke and asked if he was enjoying himself. "Oh, very much so", he puffed. "A loose mood-trip I'm having."

Riiiiight, my boy! Go have some cheese and crackers.

Upon catching the exciting new outfit David's been going around town with these days, I found myself on the dance floor shaking loose crying "What a fantastically, loose mood trip Im having!"

Out of the ashes of Boston's much-loved, beauty and the beat Honeyglazed, ride The Soft Explosions - a spaced-out, easy ridin', rock n roll explosion of narcotic noise, sure to melt your mind in ear-splitting bliss. There's weary blues and lost soul here, but that dont mean its for Ma. "Oh, mercy what have they done? Not our precious tradition. Keep my rhythm and blues on the mantlepiece, pleeease. Dont soil it with your perversion! Hands off, dirtheads!"

Brothers David James Kulund and Nicky Kulund have teamed-up again, this time with explosive guitarist Arina 'A for A+' Yalkowsky and bass sweetheart Matt Martin. Arina has spent the past few years playing with various Blues kings and queens in clubs throughout the Northeast and always gets things off to a rollicking start in her opening slot at the annual Boston Freedom Rally in front of 70,000 or so zonked patriots.

So, back to The Soft Explosions - Great New Rock and Roll Quartet.

Formed in Boston at the tail end of 2001, the boys (and girl) are a little squeemish when the word 'retro' or 'sixties' comes 'round. "If ya put that on us, then were done, ya know?" Nicky explains. "It's like the Stones say 'Who wants yesterdays papers?' . . . uh, probably a bad example in this context, but. . ."'


Have you ever seen two brothers fight? I mean these two especially. They're so skinny I'm afraid they're gonna poke each others eyes out or something.

Arina ignores the scuffle and offers up "We got blues, psychadelia, country, gospel in our sound, right? Like those are some of the ingredients, but its not the dish, Billy. Like look at that chicken sandwich Matt's eatin'. Its like we still use chicken, where other acts use doritos and neon, green gummy fishies, yellow #9 and shit. New shallow gadgets and trends. We use meat, man! But we make a dish all our own. I mean look at the way Matt goes after that sandwich! Fuckin' disgustin! Like an animaaal! See what I mean? Danger where those teeth meet."

Well said Honeybunch!

So, there you have it. A little bit of background on this loveable new group, The Soft Explosions. No, they're not your slick, plastic, 'modern rock' corporation, but a living, breathing, feeling band that is as happening and exciting as a great party and as timeless as a good marinara sauce. See ya at the show!

Billy M'Lady
Music Fan and one who's always up for a right rockin rave-up no matter what the time

The Soft Explosions now live exclusively in New York City and never return phone calls





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